Update May 10th, 2024

Casually forgot birthday was on April 16th, never changed my age here. Im old.

Subspace's Gay Plains

"Ready for a good time together!?" My Graphic Stash!! ~ Web Things!! ~ The Useless Web!!

Hey Meddy!!- Wait-

Hey there human and welcome to my little... uh, place!! The name's Jackson / Tanner or Subspace / Darkheart / Skateboard!!

Idk what to call myself... uhm!! I'm just some alterhuman... critter!! I'm an 19 year old Agender (He/They), Demiromantic Aegosexual, therian with probably sentient kins in my brain lmao!! I've probably got something weird going on in my brain, whether its autism or ADHD or both; plus depression and anxiety!!

My big interests are Phighting and Regretevator, Dave and Bambi, Object Shows, Baldi's Basics, and Warrior Cats!! I love space, the Backrooms, Weirdcore and Dreamcore, Webcore and the old internet (plus old windows), wolves cats and dogs!! My favorite colors are blue purple and pink, and my favorite food is Salt and Vinegar chips (hey, don't knock em till you try em dude), plus I love Pringles and Apple juice!! I love to draw and animate but I suck at both, whoops!! Also yeah, I'm a person who ships!! If you don't like ships, don't bother me!!

I am a lover of wildlife and animals, being someone who does not like to eat most types of meat (but not vegan)!! I hate people who downplay pet deaths and those who harm wildlife (like those fox hunts with dogs... awful)!! I have a pet cat, an orange tabby named Carmel and he's the cuddliest kitty you'll ever meet!! To know about my DNIs and BYF, be sure to check my carrd!!

By all means, enjoy your stay!!

Yeah I do kin Subspace but that doesn't mean I'm crazy... Wait. I am crazy!! FUCK!! Well I don't condone what Subby did to Meddy!! (Hahah get fucked Meddy!! /j) And absolutely don't come near me if you ship Subkit WITHOUT it being an AU of some sort!! Subkit is shit!!

Subspace is hot with his rotten ass mouth, I'd kiss him and then die from his poison /MASSIVE J.

The fuck is wrong with me lmao

My Shit!!
This Layout!!

Subspace find a layout that you actually like but one that will also still fit the theme of a crazy pink scientist guy dude Challenge (Failed!!).


I don't know how to code!! Meddy, help me!!



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